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Expand Your Data Ecosystem

We have a tremendous amount of data in healthcare—but are only beginning to use data to understand and respond to patients’ needs and the realities of healthcare economics. Organizations that invest in an open, scalable platform for data aggregation, analytics, application development, and interoperability can leverage disparate data across the continuum of care; they are uniquely positioned to benefit from continuing innovation, support emerging use cases, and thrive in a dynamic healthcare landscape.

Facilitate Data Exchange

For many healthcare systems, high volumes of disparate data and analytics present an administrative burden rather than adding clinical value. Organizations that focus on interoperability can connect the care community—clinics, hospitals, patients—with real-time, standards-based data exchange within the provider workflow. Streamlining and automating data exchange helps organizations cut through the data noise and deliver timely, longitudinal analytics—which in turn enables point-of-care decision support and improves care coordination.

Build Knowledge Through Data Sharing

Healthcare systems increasingly seek to integrate disparate data to identify opportunities for improvement and support better decisions. More forward-looking organizations also seize opportunities to share de-identified data with other systems and entities. They know that massive, detailed, crated datasets can accelerate the production of new knowledge—and create opportunities for comparative analytics, precisions medicine, new research, and effective population health management.


Optimize Reusable Content

EHRs contain less than 10 percent of the data needed to succeed in today’s healthcare environment. In fact, you need data from 50 to 150 different sources. To bring all that data together, a robust platform can normalize field names for standard terminology and resolve duplicate identities. The platform should come with state-of-the-art tools that allow you to create reusable queries for defining populations and for filtering by established and custom measures and value sets.

Increase Analytics Efficiency by 10x

No healthcare system can survive—much less thrive—without data and analytics to power better, more strategic decisions. Yet to become truly data-driven, organizations need a solid foundation of reusable content (to speed and improve analysis) and wide availability of data and analytics (to ensure that clinicians, operational leaders, analysts, and other stakeholders access insights for decision-making). Systems that do both things are able to scale analytic teams, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.

Drive Massive, Measurable Improvement

Healthcare systems face increasing urgency to travel the fastest route to meaningful improvement. Those that succeed partner with an experienced guide. Health Catalyst’s experts help leverage data and analytics to discover the organization’s best opportunities, pursue a sound methodology to planning change and engaging stakeholders, and implement a system to monitor and sustain improvement.

Augment Intelligence for Better Decisions

To improve revenue, cost, and quality results in healthcare, data science must be integrated into core analytics and core strategy and operations. The alternative is relying on isolated blog posts with no impact. AI must be applied on the front end—organizational focus, specific learning, and optimization plans, change management—to help leaders and analysts achieve measurable transformation that is spread, scaled, and sustained.

Leverage your data to gain analytic insight and advance analytics use with AI and machine learning.