A Sneak Peek at the New HAS™ 15 Event Application

One of my favorite tools under development for the Summit is our HAS analytics app. This app, which premiered to rave reviews at the 2014 Summit, will enable participants to metaphorically breathe, touch, and feel analytics throughout the Summit. We are enhancing almost every feature that we originally introduced in the 2014 version. The new, improved app will have innovative real-time polling, question-and-answer, social engagement,gamification, and interactions based on analytics developed using beacon location-sensing technology. Here are just a few of the cool experiences we’re creating.

Polling Results in Real Time

Throughout the Summit, we’ll conduct polls to gather your input. You’ll have the ability see the results tabulate in real time, along with the number or participants who are responding, and the questions receiving the highest response rate. Your survey responses will also enable content that is meaningful and relevant to be sent your way.

Summit Home screen app

More Innovative Ways to Engage with the Speakers and the Audience

We have significantly improved the session question-and-answer functionality. Like last year, you will be able to submit questions at any time during the session. However, this year you will be able to see any question submitted by audience members and either submit your own questions or vote on existing questions. Questions will move up or down in the queue based on how many votes they get, ensuring that we address the most pressing issues. We have also added a virtual “applause” button that you can press at any time to indicate your strong agreement of a point the speaker is making. You will be able to see a graph showing the aggregated “applauses” during the presentation and at the end of each session, our analysts will summarize the points that were most applauded.

HAS Poll one app

New “Beacon-Enabled” Networking and Social Capabilities

Also new this year, we are using beacon technology, along with the creative application of analytics, to give you new opportunities to connect and network. Beacons, a low-cost piece of hardware—small enough to attach to a wall or countertop—use battery-friendly, low-energy Bluetooth connections to transmit messages or prompts directly to a smartphone or tablet.

Using beacons, the app will gather the profiles of participants as they enter keynote sessions, then alert you as to who else is attending the session, prioritized by those who are seated closest. You can “request a connection” to these profiles and (upon acceptance by the person receiving the request) receive contact information of new colleagues, including companies, titles, and phone numbers, which is all automatically updated in the HAS Summit app.

HAS Connections app
We’ve made it easier to find contacts, too. New peers can be sorted alphabetically or filtered by company, position, existing connections, people like you, etc. We’ve also included an audience “applause meter,” a grand total points screen (see below for how to gather points), and a photo wall.

The Analytics Walkabout: Searching for Treasure

The Analytics Walkabout, new for HAS 2015, will allow you to talk to front-line leaders who are spearheading an array of outcome improvement initiatives. Wandering from walkabout station to walkabout station, you will learn of the successes of change initiatives across a wide variety of clinical, financial, technical, and leadership topics.

We’ve added an element of fun, too, creating an interactive Picture Puzzle Game within the application. Each time you visit a walkabout station for 10 minutes, you will earn points and be awarded puzzle pieces. Collect six puzzles pieces, put them together to solve the puzzle, and you will be entered in to a drawing for an Apple Watch. Find more than six puzzle pieces and you will receive bonus points toward the grand prize drawing at the end of the Summit. We will award the grand prize via a random drawing from among the top 10-point winners.

puzzle piece walkabout
For those with a competitive streak, a leaderboard (a big one) will allow you to see how you’re performing versus other attendees.The HAS analytics app will enable you to interact with data and discover the power of analytics in new, fun, and exciting ways, unlike anything you’ve seen at a healthcare event before. HAS Scoreboard app
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