What exporting tools do you offer?

Response: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 provides several tools and a number of mechanisms for extracting and formatting data for export purposes. At the simplest level, SQL Server Integration Services includes an “Import and Export Wizard” that provides a simple graphical user interface to create data extractions in a number of forms, including common separated values (CSV), XML, and other textual forms.

Another extraction option is direct connection to the database via SQL Server database connectors and extracting the desired data directly from the database for importing into another database or into applications like Power Pivot, Excel, and Access. ETL jobs can be used to extract data directly from the warehouse on an ad hoc basis or during regularly scheduled ETL processes. Health Catalyst also provides a facility within our Cohort Finder application that allows select patient information to be exported by end users into Excel spreadsheets.

The Health Catalyst EDW contains extensive metadata for each database, table, and column to simplify the extraction process.