What disaster recovery services are provided?

Response: Health Catalyst Source Marts are mildly transformed copies of data contained in the client’s source systems. The client’s source systems are the systems of record for data in the EDW. Therefore, the Health Catalyst EDW can be fully re-created from data in the source systems. Health Catalyst recommends backing up the metadata system, administration tables, and data created by Health Catalyst’s Instant Data Entry Application (IDEA) application. For faster EDW recovery, clients may optionally back up the Source Marts and Subject Area Marts and then restore them from backup copies in the event of a catastrophic failure. Once restored from backups, the Source Marts can be brought up to date by running the nightly ETL processes. In the vast majority of cases, the Catalyst EDW is not a critical system required for immediate patient care, so system availability and disaster recovery requirements are usually much less demanding than direct patient care (bedside) systems like the EMR.