What are your key solution differentiators?

Response: A few of the many Health Catalyst differentiators are

Time to Value

  • Catalyst’s unique data warehousing approach allows data sources to be easily integrated into the Health Catalyst platform. The Late-BindingTM Data Warehouse approach forgoes complex data modeling up front, favoring comprehensive feeds of source data into the data platform. Our library of pre-existing data feeds, combined with our advanced toolset for creating new data feeds, allows Health Catalyst to claim the fastest implementation times in the industry. The platform can be installed and configured in as few as three months with real ROI in as few as six months.


  • Catalyst’s architecture supports ultimate flexibility. Because we do not perform heavy data modeling or aggregation up front, our solution always allows drill-down to the most granular data collected in the source system. The Health Catalyst platform supports quality improvement, financial reporting, operational reporting, and research. We train our clients on how to use our platform for custom development and the extension of the platform. Although we have a growing and rich application layer, we realize the uses of the data warehouse can never be limited to applications that we provide.

Rich Content and Application Layer

  • Once data have been loaded into the Health Catalyst platform, a rich ecosystem of data marts supports an interactive visualization layer. Health Catalyst has data marts that define populations using lab, medication, coding, and other criteria; data marts that assess patient risk and allow stratification in our visualizations; data marts that catalog and asses regulatory metrics; data marts that look deeply into clinical areas for improvement; and many, many more. These data marts power an extremely interactive visualization layer that allows users to filter on a host of variables and drill into patient- and encounter-level detail.

Low-Risk Contracting

  • We at Health Catalyst believe so strongly in our team and our platform’s ability to deliver real business value in a short time that our contracts are structured to remove risk from our clients. If you are not satisfied with the Health Catalyst system, after nine months we offer you the chance to receive a full refund and we will part ways. This is in contrast to our competitors, many of which would still be mid-implementation at this time.

Catalyst has deep experience in healthcare data warehousing and analytics. Our team is assembled from technical and clinical leaders in healthcare analytics from leading organizations like Intermountain Healthcare, Northwestern Medicine, and Peace Health. We pride ourselves on our experienced team, which has over 500 years of healthcare data warehousing experience.