What are the typical benefits of your solution?

Response: Leveraging Health Catalyst’s proprietary methodology and design for data engineering, known as the Late-Binding™ approach, Catalyst will integrate and unlock the client’s EMR, financial, patient satisfaction, and other data sources. This rich data will become the bedrock upon which meaningful analytics are created to support the client’s understanding of areas of excellence within the system as well as areas that need improvement.

Once the client’s data is aggregated and exposed, we will apply Catalyst’s analytics to use the results of these analyses to drive improvements in care delivery while reducing costs. Catalyst professionals will empower the administrators and clinicians to identify and implement concrete solutions to achieve these objectives.

This approach makes us very different from other vendors. It allows organizations to save valuable time and money by quickly forming the necessary infrastructure to allow for analysis that can begin addressing the clinical, financial, and operational topics of importance to your organization. This approach is also reflected in the investment commitments that we ask you to make with our company. The basis of our approach is that as you achieve value, you will want to make further investments with us to go even further with your initiatives.

To illustrate this value and difference, allow us to share two specific examples of successes other hospitals have enjoyed based on the Health Catalyst difference. Health Catalyst has successfully worked with many of our customers to reduce both hospital mortality and readmissions. In one specific example, one of our customers saw a 22% reduction in septicemia mortality rates and a savings of $1.3 million in just the first 12 months of working with Health Catalyst. Using Health Catalyst tools, another hospital partner identified that the incidents of readmissions for Heart Failure (HF) patients was a significant challenge for them. Together, we worked on a program to reduce HF readmissions, and after just six months, they enjoyed a 21% reduction in 30-day HF readmissions and a 14% reduction in 90-day readmissions. These are both powerful examples of the unique approach and difference that Health Catalyst brings to bear for our customers.