Is there a limit to the number of users on your system?

Response: Health Catalyst does not limit access by number of users. Our most common visualization partner is QlikView, and they do license by user. Our technical team will work with the client to procure the appropriate number of licenses and to ensure that the licensing restrictions are not prohibitive. Please see the Cost section for licensing details.

From a performance standpoint, Health Catalyst has been able to scale in augmenting hardware to infrastructure as well as through methods like data compression and other performance-tuning aids. Health Catalyst’s largest user base is a large Midwestern customer. This customer has widely deployed the Health Catalyst data warehouse. The total number of users who receive data that originate from this customer’s enterprise data warehouse implementation is over 2,000. This number includes roughly 1,500–2,000 users of enterprise reports, 1,000–1,500 interactive dashboard/scorecard users, and a population of roughly 200 active users that write thousands of ad hoc queries a month to empower data-driven decision making.