How often are upgrades released?

Response: Core platform updates are delivered every six months and contain significant feature upgrades and improvements along with bug fixes. Service releases are delivered quarterly and address key bug fixes identified by customers. Hot fixes are critical fix events and are issued as soon as that type of issue is identified. Content updates happen whenever Source Mart and Subject Area Mart content updates are needed. With Source Mart content, updates occur when a new version of the source system is released or when a new portion of the source system is added to the supported Source Mart content. For Subject Area Mart content, updates occur when medical definitions or evidence change (CMS definitions, ICD-10 transition, new medical evidence) or when Catalyst clinicians, data architects, or client clinicians define new intellectual property to share with licensed clients. Catalyst will provide a Service Level Agreement for details regarding escalation, RTOs (response time objectives), and SLAs based on client needs. The details of the escalation procedures are finalized and documented in the client’s statement of work.