Describe your solution to meet pay-for-performance measurements?

Response: A key component in all pay-for-performance initiatives is a measurement. Various government programs and payers have started to measure and pay for quality and improvement. For example, the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid) value-based purchasing program pays for achievement (compare to benchmark) and improvement (compare to your performance in previous period). With Health Catalyst Regulatory Explorer, hospitals can compare various quality metrics over time. This product is a framework for metrics.

To monitor outpatient performance, Health Catalyst created a Community Care application that tracks physician performance to metrics developed by various payers to improve quality.

Health Catalyst Readmission Explorer allows users to see trends and drill into the drivers of readmissions. Readmissions are important to hospitals as CMS is in the second year of the Readmission Reduction Program that includes penalties of 2% for 2014. Patient Satisfaction Explorer shows users the specific measures by location.