Describe your implementation team and their roles

The Health Catalyst process is based on solid quality improvement processes blended with 20 years of experience with leveraging data into outcomes. Health Catalyst tries to be as pragmatic as possible. For both our development and implementation efforts, we adhere to the Agile methodology. The Catalyst team is completely engaged with the client team in rolling out the platform.

A typical Catalyst engagement team consists of the following:

Engagement Executive

Response: The engagement executive acts as the overall program manager and primary point of contact between the client and Health Catalyst. He or she acts as the facilitator of a cross-functional team of technology and clinical resources from both Catalyst and the client that are needed to execute the project. He or she is the primary logistical program manager, managing the master project plan, including budget, contracts, resources, travel, delivery, acceptance, and key checkpoints. He or she also works with the Catalyst clinical team to bring in the appropriate Catalyst clinical experts for key meetings and checkpoints.

Technical Lead (Technical Director)

The technical lead has the primary responsibility of ensuring that the technical implementation is executed according to plan. The technical director will ensure that all source systems feed into the data warehouse and that all of the Catalyst applications are implemented in a timely manner. The technical director serves as the primary point of contact for all technical issues. He or she is also the primary trainer of the client’s technical resources.

Data Architect(s)

Data architects implement the Catalyst technology as well as serve as consultative resources for the client’s technical teams. Data architects participate in training and development as well. Each implementation team has at least one permanent Catalyst data architect, and the team is augmented for specific projects. A typical Phase I install brings in at least three data architects in addition to the technical lead.

For a detailed explanation of our implementation timelines, see Keys to a Successful Health Catalyst Data Warehouse Platform and Analytics Implementation.