Describe the team the client will need to provide

Response: A typical Phase I implementation will require the following roles from the client:

# Role (Percent Allocation Responsibilities
1-2 Data Architect (80-100%) Work Group team memberRequirements analysis

Data architecture

Data modeling/database design

Database development/tuning

ETL development

Metadata management

Technical strategy (e.g., tools, processes)Tool evaluation and procurement

End user support and consultation

Standards development

Visualization (BI) development

Data analysis

1 per source system Source system Application Administrator (20%–40%) Source system content expertise
Report development and distribution
Data validationAccess facilitation
1 Database Administrator (10%–30%—30% at startup) Database environment configurationSecurity policy implementation

Database backup and recovery

Database system performance management

Database version managementDatabase error management

Database monitoring

1 System Administrator (10%–30%—30% at startup) Hardware installation and configurationStorage


Operating system configuration and version managementNetworking management

Support for the following environments:

ADW, visualization, and ETL

Later phases will require identification of client Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) when implementing Advanced Applications.  For a detailed explanation of our implementation timelines, see Keys to a Successful Health Catalyst Data Warehouse Platform and Analytics Implementation.