What types of revenue breakouts can you handle?

Response: Financial Health Explorer enables exploration of financial data, allowing users to view financial metrics stratified by specialties, clinical areas, and payer mix. This application can be configured to present a unified view of key financial performance indicators from across your organization, including cost, revenue, charges, supplies, budget, volumes, etc. Financial Health Explorer can be one of the first applications to be installed with the Health Catalyst platform, allowing baseline measurements of financial indicators to be captured and compared against future performance using the same application.

In addition, Revenue Cycle Explorer allows users to understand basic clinical and business drivers behind revenue cycle management from scheduling to collections. This application presents an integrated view of revenue cycle data from key financial systems within your company, allowing your financial analysts to spend more time analyzing and less time pulling and combining data. Revenue Cycle Explorer provides insight in standard financial performance indicators, including days in accounts receivable (A/R), percentage of A/R greater than 120 days, net collection rate, and denial rate.