How do you set targets, track progress, and benchmark performance?

Response: All facilities that feed data into the Health Catalyst platform have the ability to compare data through our reporting tools. The Key Process Analysis and our population-based modules (discussed in question #2 above) allow for stratification by facility, which allows for benchmarking. Currently, comparison capabilities exist for data in a single instance of the Health Catalyst data warehouse product. We have architected a cloud-based solution, which will allow Health Catalyst’s customers to selectively contribute to and utilize a benchmarking database. We expect to begin our first implementation of that solution in the second half of 2013.

Our advanced modules (discussed in question #2 above) allow for setting and tracking progress on objectives and targets. Since the data warehouse includes clinical, costing, and patient satisfaction in one location, it enables teams to define goals and then measure both the quality improvements and cost savings associated with the achievement of those goals.

The following dashboard shows an example of how our advanced modules allow for setting a target length of stay for appendectomy patients. Costing data are used to determine the financial impact of reducing the length of stay to the specified target. This is one of many examples across a wide variety of clinical areas.

length of stay