How do you support ad hoc data imports?

Response: To allow for the combination of ad hoc data with warehoused data, we provide Instant Data Entry Application (IDEA) as part of our Core Catalyst platform. IDEA is a very simple and intuitive tool for designing web-based data collection forms. This tool is used to supplement data collection when data required for improvement initiatives or research are not collected by existing source systems.

IDEA allows users to create simple forms and publish those forms to a set of users to collect valuable data without needing to purchase another product or request a custom application from the IT department. IDEA applications can be used as a temporary, stopgap measure to collect data while a permanent solution is being implemented. IDEA can also be leveraged to create data collection forms for research needs. Forms can be created and deployed in minutes, so research or improvement projects can be initiated independent of your busy IT staff.

IDEA data is collected and stored in the EDW. It is then made available for use in Subject Area Marts or other applications. IDEA is intended to fill gaps in the current data collection process but in some cases has become a long-term solution as necessary. In many cases, efforts should be made to correct the data gap in the source system at the proper point in the provider workflow rather than relying on IDEA applications for the long term.

IDEA allows for bulk data import through CSV files in addition to web-based entry. As a part of the EDW, IDEA forms can include fields where the user selects from a list of data that is pulled from other EDW sources (like Patient ID) to allow for correlation of IDEA entered data with the rest of the data in the EDW.