How do you address provider attribution challenges?

Response: Provider attribution is determined in multiple ways to meet clinical and operational needs. For billing purposes, we mimic attribution as determined by the local HIM department. For clinical purposes, we rely on clinical notes (e.g., H&P, discharge summary, etc.) to assign patients to providers. Using this methodology, a patient can be assigned to more than one provider for a given patient stay. Additionally, the attribution may be applied across different types of caregivers. Nurses, physicians, and even behavioral health specialists can all share in the patient attribution. The clinical model of attribution is particularly attractive to hospital systems where collaborative teams provide care, as it highlights care coordination.

One of the virtues of the Catalyst infrastructure is that it can simultaneously hold varied attribution models. A given patient can be represented across different models. By representing multiple attribution models, Health Catalyst helps the client analyze their patient population in novel ways. This has proven quite valuable to our clients, as they are using the model to generate greater buy-in with physician groups that are frustrated with limited or inadequate attribution models.