How do you group patients into disease profiles for analysis and planning?

Response: Health Catalyst feels that the implementation of disease registries is critical to empowering clinical improvement in populations of patients with chronic disease. Health Catalyst delivers applications and services that accelerate the discovery, exploration, and operationalization of disease registries, typically in three phases.

First, Care Improvement Teams are empowered with a tool called Cohort Finder. Cohort Finder is an ad hoc querying application that allows non-technical users to rapidly filter and profile patient populations using clinical, financial, and administrative data.

Next, Health Catalyst’s data architects configure specific analytic applications using the population definitions developed with Cohort Finder.

Finally, Population Explorer provides an easy-to use interface that lets users explore a wide variety of metrics across a growing list of clinically validated cohort definitions. Users can view metrics about individual patient populations, including case counts, readmission rates, charges, revenue, and length of stay, among many other metrics. Each of these metrics can be stratified by demographic information and other clinical and financial information. The tool makes it very easy to switch between different populations and provides comparative views between multiple populations.