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    Health Catalyst Product Lines

    Health Catalyst has thoughtfully developed a range of products, applications, and services that span the different stages and levels of the Healthcare Analytics Adoption Model.  No matter where a system has progressed in analytics, Health Catalyst has a set of products that is optimized for your current environment and scalable to meet your future analytics needs. Health Catalyst develops and deploys solutions targeted to a specific healthcare clinical and operational outcomes. Our knowledge and expertise are aligned into the following improvement areas:

    Based on our client successes and market demand we will be expanding our products into two new market segments in the near future:

    • Comparative Analytics
    • Precision Medicine

    And a common set of shared applications:

    These cost and quality improvement initiatives were supported by our unique enterprise data warehouse architecture model.

    While these new markets generally are not the root cause of inefficiencies and waste in the care process, they do provide valuable insight and measurement capability for identifying problems of waste and inefficiency and for monitoring the bottom line impact of care process changes and improvements.

    Products & Services

    Late-Binding™ Data Warehouse Platform

    View all the components of the Health Catalyst Late-Binding™ Data Warehouse Platform

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    Analytics Applications

    Explore our set of Foundational, Discovery, and Advanced Applications.

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    Learn about our installation and clinical improvement services

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    Common Questions

    Late-Binding™ Explained

    Learn how the Late-Binding Data Warehouse technology works

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    The Analytic Adoption Model

    Learn about the 8 stages of the Analytic Adoption Model. Health Catalyst develops products for every stage

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    Typical Timelines

    Learn about the typical rapid timelines for rolling out the Health Catalyst platform and products

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