Why Choose Care Management Services?

Care Management Services ensure your care management efforts are on the right track, no matter where you are in your care management journey. With the right expertise, care teams can regularly identify areas for improvement, maximizing care management technology and strategies.

Care Management Optimization Services

Tailor care management tools to your organization’s specific workflow needs.

Collaborate with experts.

Partner with care management experts to maximize care management efforts.

Access nationwide experience.

Gain insight from care management experts about care management challenges from other health systems.

Care Management Assessment

Comprehensive insight into your best path to care management success.

Disciplined approach.

The service uses a proven scoring tool that generates data to help gauge your organization’s readiness for care management improvement.

Nationwide experience and perspective.

When you work with our team, you partner with experts with years of cumulative experience in care management and benefit from our experience working with health systems facing similar challenges.

Rational roadmap.

The assessment helps define achievable and meaningful care management goals and outlines a path to reach them. Our recommendations include short- and long-term strategies and milestones that help you manage risk while moving forward.

Care Management Population Design

Define and refine impactable populations for care management.

Deep expertise.

Our team includes machine learning and care management experts to help you define and refine populations specific to your goals.

Powerful tools.

Our population design team uses the Population Builder™: Stratification Module, which supplies predefined content built on integrated claims and EHR data, allows for custom models, and efficiently carve out impactable populations ready for intervention.

Focus on learning and ROE.

This partnership is dedicated to increasing your capability and maximizing your investment in data and analytics. We transparently share nuances of stratification and impactability modeling—and leave you better prepared for effective and efficient population management on your own.

Care Management Program Design

Wise design for optimal impact.

Flexibility, expertise, partnership

The Program Design Service consists of discrete activities that can be selected to fit organizational needs and the status of care management implementation.

Program structure.

Ensure a match between models, populations, goals, and resources.


Identify roles; hire and train staff.

Case load balancing.

Use machine learning to make the most of your resources.

Technology optimization and configuration.

Set security; match workflows, configure to your preferred content and processes.

Change management.

Patient and provider engagement.

Care Management Evaluation Services

Measure your progress and success in care management.

Disciplined, data-driven approach.

The Care Management Evaluation Service uses proven quantitative research methodologies—which we transparently share and validate with you.

Extensive experience and expertise.

Our team includes people with significant background in healthcare finance, accountable care strategy and design, and quantitative and statistical analysis.

Durable insight into ROI and its drivers.

This partnership delivers an authoritative view of the performance of your care management program and the factors that influence it. You’re primed for better decisions and armed with a method for ongoing monitoring and improvement.