What is the User Experience Design Service?

The Health Catalyst User Experience (UX) Design Service offers healthcare-focused design to enhance your organization’s software and analytics tools. Our designers leverage data-driven methodologies to deliver creative, intuitive solutions and digital experiences that are optimized to meet clinical needs.

With a flexible, end-to-end approach that spans discovery, design, and validation, our experienced designers help product teams deliver insights that allow leaders to make informed decisions about what tools to build and which features to implement. UX Design Services include qualitative and quantitative user research, front-end design and development—Health Catalyst built and maintains its own Cashmere user interface library—and usability reports to optimize existing technology or guide the development of new tools.

Our service offerings fall into three categories:

  1. Discover. Leverage UX experts to systematically gather and interpret UX research from users who engage with your tools, including a data-informed report and targeted recommendations.
  2. Design. Use high-fidelity prototypes to deliver consistent, seamless experiences for end users, including a comprehensive style guide to drive on-brand, design consistency.
  3. Validate. Evaluate UX effectiveness to uncover and prioritize opportunities for improvement based on data-driven reports that ensure you are on track to reach your goals.
User Journey User Design Experience

A User Journey Map Representing The Way a User Interacts With a Product or Service.

Why Choose the User Experience Design Service?

Understand how your users interact with your software and analytics tools.

The UX Design Service focuses on collecting honest, detailed feedback from your stakeholders and end users. Our reports deliver insight into users’ needs and pain points, which are crucial for increasing adoption of technology.

Rely on a credible assessment of your organization’s software and analytics tools to identify areas of opportunity.

Leverage a third-party assessment—free from organizational biases—of your organization’s software and analytics tools to incorporate industry best practices and target the right areas for improvement.

Choose the UX methodologies that best align with your organizational needs.

Tailor engagement to the unique needs of your product or project with flexible, scalable design options—from research and persona development, to design and validation.