Product Overview

Source Mart Designer eliminates time-intensive custom source scripting by allowing users to map source system tables and columns automatically to source marts, capturing meta data for every field in a single, comprehensive repository. Data architects simply decide how to organize their columns, and data loads during the nightly ETL process.

Source Mart Library
Health Catalyst arrives with a box of preconfigured loading scripts based on commonly available source systems, including clinical, financial, and ancillary sources from well-known healthcare software vendors.

This extensive, ever-growing library – developed by Health Catalyst team members who have mapped thousands of source mart tables – expedites extraction and automatically transforms metadata to load scripts. That means the platform can be installed and configured in as few as 3 months with a real ROI in as few as 6 months.

Benefits & Features

Faster time to value: Preconfigured loading scripts expedite extraction and automatically transform metadata to load scripts.

Enables data governance: Consistent naming taxonomy guidelines are available to review, helping to ensure system definitions.

Improved efficiencies: Automated upload of common source system fields, schemas, data types, columns, and more.

Increased scalability: Automated metadata mapping when new data sources are added to the data warehouse.

Accomplish more in less time: Clean, easy-to-navigate user interface helps professionals quickly map columns between source systems and source marts.

Column naming support: Modifiable column name suggestions make it simple to give columns human-readable names.