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Practice Management: Patient Access

Product Overview

Practice Management Suite’s Patient Access helps provide big-picture insight about the patient-access element of a medical practice. What are the monthly and yearly trends for completed appointments? What about no shows or the numbers of patients who left without being seen? What about cancelations and a break-down of the reasons for all cancelations? How is the practice doing overall on physician availability? By location? By unit? By specialty? These are some of the strategically-important questions AE can help answer.

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  • Analyze appointment volumes by location, specialty and provider.
  • Monitor monthly and annual volumes relative to budget or goal.
  • Perform root cause analysis on unusual variation.
  • Measure patient access by third next available appointment.


Benefits Include:

  • Aggregated data comparing multiple measures across a common time frame reduces time needed to compile reports. Drill down capabilities within various tabs provide immediate insight and provide the opportunity for exploration and analysis with deeper detail. The data is automatically updated upon availability, making short term day to day metric management possible. This application links clinical, financial and operational data for key measures which improves accuracy and consistency across the enterprise. The diversity of metrics allows for easy identification of variation related drivers and opportunities for improvement.



  • Completed appointments
  • Canceled appointments
  • No-show appointments
  • LWBS (left without being seen) appointments
  • Average third-next-available days
  • Average visits per provider


  • Year, quarter, month
  • Location, department, department ID, specialty, provider
  • Operating hours (e.g., 7:00 AM to 10:59 AM, 11:00 AM to 12:59 PM, etc.)
  • Encounter closed (Y or N)

Data-presentation filters for volumes

  • As volumes and rate or as distributions
  • Over time or year-over-year

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Data Sources

  • Ambulatory Practice Management System
  • Clinical EMR

Practice Management - Patient Access: A Deeper View


Most healthcare organizations operate on thin margins and need to have a trusted place to go for updated with shrinking insurance reimbursements, new and changing regulatory requirements, and increasing business costs, managing a medical practice is a growing challenge. There are several tools available to help make day-to-day operations easier, tools that incorporate features like automated appointment reminders and resource-scheduling-conflict warnings. But how can a service-line director or a practice manager tell if such operational tools or other measures are effectively improving things in the long run? How can she understand the health of her overall operations?

What types of problems does Practice Management: Patient Access address?

In many organizations, the Finance department is tasked with collecting and combining data from numerous sources to present a unified picture of current performance.


Analysts, service-line directors, practice managers

Success Measures

Opportunity Identification:

  • Identify bottlenecks in provider availability for patient appointments