What Is Population Care Insights?

Fractured data and workflows make it difficult for care teams to trust that they’re selecting the patients who can benefit most from care management programs. Care teams need the ability to measure and track results, so they can’t identify opportunities for improvement and demonstrate improvement.

The Population Care Insights application gives healthcare organizations financial, operational, and clinical outcome analytics to measure, track, and enable outcomes improvement. The operational dashboard powered by Leading Wisely enables organizations to analyze efficiencies at each phase of the care management workflow and provides ongoing analytic insights into provider workflows.

Why Choose Population Care Insights?

Transparently share progress toward ROI.

Metrics help care teams identify opportunities for improvement and track progress toward their goals.

Demonstrate and maximize ROI.

Operational, quality improvement, and clinical outcome metrics in a visual dashboard enable team members to demonstrate real ROI.

Analyze efficiencies at each phase of the care management workflow.

Dashboards track and measure patient identification, team outreach, patient enrollment, assessments, caseload balance, and more.

Population Care Insights Use Cases

  • A care management director is working to evaluate each phase of the care management process to identify opportunities to improve ROI. Using Population Care Insights, she starts with the qualification phase—reviewing the number of disqualified and unreachable patients to refine population definitions. When she’s exploring, the care manager discovers that many patients fail to enroll once qualified. Based on this, she reevaluates the strategy for introductory emails and calls. Next, she reviews analytics for the workflow process—evaluating caseload balance for each care manager. She discovers that one care manager is overloaded, resulting in missed follow-ups. She uses these analytics to make a case to hire a new care manager.
  • A healthcare organization’s analyst and clinician work together to share insights with leadership related to care management to demonstrate ROI. The analyst spends significant time repeating tasks like integrating data definitions and developing basic results. The clinician isn’t getting the information she needs quickly enough—resulting in missed opportunities to share results and trending with leadership. With Care Insights, the analyst can immediately normalize commonly used data and make it available for rapid use in presentations to leadership.