What Is Population Care Flow?

Care management doesn’t work in isolation. All members of the care team need flexibility and transparency in an end-to-end solution built to support the entire clinical care pathway.

The Population Care Flow application is an integrated set of care management functions that enable all care team members across the community to effectively coordinate care and manage patient needs. Population Care Flow allows care team members to easily:

  • Qualify and enroll patients in the right care management programs
  • Create baseline assessments and care plans
  • Document care notes
  • Access the same longitudinal patient record to view past encounter information, activities, and interventions—no matter where the care was provided.

Care Flow leverages the world-class data and analytics in the DOS™ platform—and all workflow activities flow to the DOS platform so the data is available for outcomes analysis.

Why Choose Population Care Flow?

Improve quality of care and gain efficiencies.

An end-to-end, streamlined workflow for everything from patient enrollment, active care management, patient records, and care coordination between all care team members saves time and improves care.

View aggregated disparate claims and EMR data.

An analytics-driven DOS platform aggregates disparate claims and EMR data to provide a comprehensive patient view.

Collaborate to improve treatment for the patient.

All care team members have access to a longitudinal, patient-centric view so they can track progress, identify barriers, share results with clinicians, and more.

Secure the patient’s privacy.

A flexible security model includes both role-based permissions and a patient access policy.

Population Care Flow Use Cases

  • A care team is collaborating to improve their processes for managing patients with diabetes. Their goal is to streamline care management workflow activities and improve the overall efficiencies of the care management team members. With the help of Health Catalyst teams, they start by evaluating baseline estimates of time for each management task and identifying opportunities to limit variation and documentation. Health Catalyst helps the team define goals and configure the application to align with their needs. After launching Care Workflow, they notice a significant time savings for each task. Not only does their process time improve, they are also better able to match the right care managers to the right patients, share patient information for all care team members, and facilitate communication between care team members.
  • A multidisciplinary team has a complex patient with multiple diagnoses. Because all members of the care team (nurse navigator, social worker, therapist, pharmacist, etc.) have access to the patient’s longitudinal record, the therapist notices that depression is becoming more prominent. The therapist discusses the patient with the team and takes over as the care team lead for this patient. He creates and monitors the care plan—and sends the care plan to the patient’s primary care provider.