Service Overview

With deep experience and expertise across multiple domains, our team works side-by-side with your clinical, financial, and operational stakeholders to develop and implement an analytics strategy for success in PHM. The guidance afforded by the Solution Optimization Service helps you build a robust and flexible infrastructure that is tuned the requirements of your at-risk contracts, informed by a careful accounting of ROI, and aligned with the overall strategies of your organization.

Service Benefits & Components

Develop a clear strategy to meet today’s challenges—and tomorrow’s imperatives.

Our experts provide guidance about when to acquire specific data and technology, how to use them to increase care quality and lower total costs, and how to drive adoption of analytics to increasingly leverage data for better decisions. Our recommendations are informed by your current contracts, the needs of your patient populations—and by the answers you need to move forward in your journey to population health management.

Derive maximum value from your data and technology.

Our team helps ensure that your analytic investments are tuned to your specific value-based care arrangements and the realities of your organization. Working with you, we help determine the logic for provider attribution, develop algorithms for risk stratification, select data sources, etc.—key decisions that set the stage for timely, actionable insights.

Partner with experts in value-based care.

Our team has years of experience using data and analytics to help organizations achieve significant care improvement and cost savings within various value-based care models. With the Solution Optimization Service, you not only gain a partner committed to understanding and addressing your organization’s current and future challenges, but you also benefit from our experience with other health systems facing similar challenges in population health management.