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Pediatric Sepsis

Product Overview

Severe sepsis and septic shock have a high mortality rate in children. Studies show that early recognition and aggressive, goal-directed treatment can save lives and decrease morbidity—but implementing guidelines has proved challenging for many hospitals. The Pediatric Sepsis Application helps hospitals monitor, analyze, and improve their ability to provide this best-practice care to their pediatric patients.

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Benefits Include:

  • Improved recognition of pediatric sepsis in the ED
  • Improved early resuscitation of pediatric patients with sepsis
  • Improved treatment of pediatric septic shock

Success Measures

Process Improvements:

  • Decrease the average time to physician evaluation of pediatric patients flagged for suspicion of sepsis
  • Increase compliance to pediatric sepsis order sets
  • Increase the percentage of pediatric patients who arrive at the ED who are appropriately identified in the ED

Outcomes Improvement:

  • Reduce sepsis mortality
  • Reduce sepsis morbidity
  • Decrease length of stay