What are Patient Safety Services?

Health Catalyst Patient Safety Services creates a new and more comprehensive view of safety vulnerabilities and harm using timely data to empower your team to drive more active intervention and prevention activities. In fact, organizations often discover new risks for patient harm that were previously unknown. Through Patient Safety Services, used concurrently with Health Catalyst Patient Safety Monitor™ Suite, you can transform the safety culture of your organization, reduce harm, and improve care.

Learn about a secure cloud-based solution and services that help detect, monitor, and prevent patient safety events.

Patient Safety Services Overview

Experienced Clinicians and Certified Patient Safety Professionals

Experts to Transform the Safety Readiness in Your Organization

Health Catalyst experts will host your team in a patient safety surveillance kickoff that will ensure a shared vision and clear path for efficient deployment of patient safety technologies and services. Including an overview of safety surveillance tools and triggers, an introduction of the Health Catalyst Patient Safety Organization (PSO), and a review of your organization’s history, culture, and current state of patient safety, the kickoff will set the stage for patient safety governance and integration into your organization’s safety processes.

Guided Trigger Selection

Experienced, Professional Insight and Technology

Working hand-in-hand with Health Catalyst, your team will evaluate the trigger catalog and select a set of up to 30 triggers that are in alignment with your organization’s safety needs and goals. Using shared client experience and professional insight, the trigger set will be balanced with your resource availability and shared and vetted within your safety governance structure to ensure a successful rollout.

Patient Safety Team Training

Learn from Best Practices and Health Catalyst Client Experience

Before training even begins, Health Catalyst works with your organization to establish a trigger review workflow based on organizational resources, needs, and environment. Then, a train-the-trainer approach will ensure that your organization is ready to operate and sustain the patient safety surveillance work. Training takes place on a fully functioning and configured system using your organization’s real data. The workflow, based in best practices and experience, is taught, demonstrated, and practiced by members of your organization’s team. The importance of consistent documentation is emphasized and reinforced in subsequent experiential practice and reviews.

Go-live and User Adoption Support

Daily Feedback, Q&A Sessions, and Reviews

Shortly after training, Health Catalyst will work closely with your organization’s team to ensure successful go-live and user adoption. During on-site visits, training gaps are assessed and reinforced, as well as in-person shadowing of surveillance work. Health Catalyst experts will use best practices and client experience to offer refinement and fine tuning to your organization’s patient safety surveillance work. Post-go-live, Health Catalyst will help your organization transition to a routine and on-going PSO services model. The Health Catalyst PSO creates a secure and safe environment where clients can collect and analyze patient safety events to learn and improve, free from fear of litigation.

"We provide constant vigilance; no patient encounter goes unnoticed."

- Stan Pestotnik
MS, RPh, Senior Vice President of Patient Safety Products