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Surveillance Module

The Surveillance Module is a 
secure, cloud-based solution that helps detect, monitor, and prevent patient safety events. Unlike traditional approaches to patient safety, which are manual, siloed, narrowly focused on specific types of adverse events, and find less than five percent of all-cause harm, the Surveillance Module automates reporting, provides predictive data, and delivers all-harm identification and analysis.

Learn about a secure cloud-based solution and services that help detect, monitor, and prevent patient safety events.
Benefits & Features

Improved patient outcomes and lower costs.

Reporting of timely, predictive analytics is accessible within the clinical workflow at the time and point of care, enabling proactive harm prevention.

Shows magnitude of harm and causal attributes.

Standardized clinical confirmation algorithms and documentation provide root-cause analytics.

Frees clinicians and infection preventionists to focus on patient care.

Automated data extraction and reporting lifts the burden of manual data searching, aggregation, and reporting.

Identify all-cause harm data while adding the legal protection of a certified Patient Safety Organization (PSO).

The Health Catalyst PSO enables clinicians to surface information and take action without the fear of legal discovery.

Focuses clinicians' attention on the most significant data.

Triggers preserve the autonomy to intervene where it will make the biggest impact.

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