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Patient Intake

Effectively manage care team progress and productivity with a single application.

Care managers no longer have to struggle with the complexities and costs associated with using spreadsheets to facilitate patient intake. With Patient Intake, care managers can more easily and effectively manage their care teams’ progress and productivity using a single workflow application that supports multiple care management programs.

Product Benefits

Work better with improved visibility and efficiency.

Constant Visibility

Gives you constant visibility into your care team’s progress and productivity, so you can effectively balance care team member case loads.

Faster Implementation

Launches your care management program faster with out-of-the-box content (care plans, assessments, focus areas, goals, etc.).

EMR Integration

Compatible with your EMR.

Product Features

Designed to not slow you down.

Import and Export

Flexible import and export to support EMR-based care coordination.

Fast and Easy Setup

Fast and easy to set up and maintain via web-based administration.

Patient Routing

Routes lists of patients created by other applications to a series of users based on roles.

Patient Management

Users can add, update, or remove patients from the list before routing the patient record to the next person in the workflow.

Flexible Content

Configurable admin console allows users to add their own content (care plan content, new assessments, etc.) and control user access based on their workflow needs.