MACRA Measures & Insights


Product Overview

MACRA Measures & Insights is an opportunity analysis application which allows organizations to measure their historical performance against MACRA-MIPS measures leading to more meaningful decisions around risk and outcomes.  Analyze groups, specialties and providers to determine potential performance on quality measures for any payer. Provides the ability to compare measures across payers to better align the organization strategically.

This application alone is not intended to track performance, only align efforts across all businesses and payers to choose measures and activities based on facts/data. Once measures are determined, then we can use Community Care to do the performance monitoring and any help with extraction of data to enable the client to easily submit. It’s much easier to monitor a set of measures and everyone be focused on those instead of the 271(or more if other payers are added).

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  • Provides multiple filtering view to drill down quickly into multiple dimensions for quick decision making
  • Shows performance scores in three initial MIPS performance quadrants
  • Displays benchmarks for comparison purposes


Decrease resources needed to build, collect and calculate measures and provision the measure data.

  • Data easily integrated or exported
  • Measure data easily exported to help with regulatory reporting requirements
  • Patient level measure data easily integrated into other EMRs or Health Catalyst products.

Foundation for integrating hundreds of measures across financial, regulatory, and quality departments

  • All 271 MACRA quality measures are already loaded and pre built into the application where they can be easily wired up to your claims data and other data sources if desired.


Provides multiple filtering view to drill down quickly into multiple dimensions for quick decision making

  • Specialty
  • Group
  • Individual provider
  • Domain
  • Individual measure
  • Diagnosis group
  • Data quality
  • Other dimension

Shows performance scores in three initial MIPS performance quadrants, with more to come:

  • Quality
  • Clinical practice improvement activities (if scores available)
  • Advancing care information (if scores available)

Displays benchmarks for comparison purposes

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Data Sources

  • Clinical Ambulatory EMR
  • Outpatient Claims

MACRA Measures & Insights: A Deeper View


Health Catalyst is reviewing options for QCDR submission certification with our development partner Partners Health.  Because we are not an EMR and don’t control the workflow/processes/point of data entry, this is our only path for CMS certified submission. There may be some changes with the 21stCentury Cures Act, which we are currently reviewing.

Problem Summary

  • Regulatory pressures are significant and only increasing
    • Health Catalyst survey — #1 audience concern was compiling metrics for regulatory reporting
  • Huge source of physician dissatisfaction
    • Average physician spends 15.1 hours/week processing quality metrics (Weill Cornell Medical College and medical Group Mgt Association (MGMA)
  • Lack of coordination between different departments
    • Financial, regulatory, quality
    • Significant human resources and manual processes are needed assembling regulatory measures
    • Difficult to compile
    • Difficult to interpret
    • Difficult to keep up and understand

Success Measures

  • Increases Strategic alignment on measures to go at risk on
    • Increase your organization’s ability to maximize potential reimbursement
    • Increase your ability to monitor measure performance and year to year changes.