Application Overview

IDEA builds and deploys custom web applications to collect data not captured in an EDW for critical reporting and analysis. The data collected flows right into DOS. With IDEA, you can create as many applications as you need, manage them in a central place, and scale them to meet enterprise needs.

In practice, through the right culture, IDEA can end siloed department-level, Excel-based data collection.IDEA applications are also iPad and tablet friendly for easy workflow data collection.

Benefits & Features

Rapid time to analysis and reporting: New data elements can be added in minutes, versus waiting for many months to be approved through a report queue prioritization process.

Operational efficiencies: Unlike siloed, individual or department Excel spreadsheets, data elements are collected once and are available to all DOS users.

Enable research and quality initiatives: Data required for research and quality initiatives can be added without the use of IT resources.

Support simple and complex use cases: Capture custom lists and hierarchies required for reporting.

Fill gaps in the data-collection process: Collect data that isn’t in a source system, such as for research and quality-improvement initiatives.