Early Mobility in the ICU

Product Overview

The Early Mobility Advanced Application focuses on providing data to help measure and improve early mobility for ICU patients, such as time to activity orders, time from admit to first activity, use of assistance devices, and ambulation distance. In-Development

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Benefits Include:

Increased ability to measure compliance with your organization’s early mobility guideline.

Decreased ventilator duration and length of stay (LOS) for ICU patients.

Decreased ventilator-associated pneumonia.

Increased patient satisfaction.

Early Mobility: A Deeper View

Success Measures

Opportunity Identification:

  • Identify ventilator duration, time of admission to first activity, physical therapy referrals, and other key performance indicators for ICU patients.
  • Analyze the relationship between ICU mobility measurements and reported hospital-acquired conditions (HACs).

Process Improvements:

  • Decrease the duration of time from ICU admission to first activity.
  • Increase the maximum distance ambulated while in the ICU.
  • Increase the frequency of physical therapy referrals for ICU patients.

Outcomes Improvement:

  • Decrease ventilator duration for ICU patients.
  • Reduce ICU LOS for all ICU patients.
  • Increase patient satisfaction for ICU patients.
  • Decrease the total number of HACs.