Product Overview

Healthcare systems face diminishing returns on analytical investment. Why? Because analytical teams waste time and talent on SQL rework — writing the same multi-source queries again and again to answer common questions (e.g., Which encounters were inpatient encounters?). These efforts are not scalable or transferrable across the team. And the answers generated may not be reliable considering duplicate patient records and differences in terminologies across source systems.

Current solutions include vendor and homegrown data modeling. These have a narrow focus and do not scale well outside a limited set of use cases. Some models are locked down and cannot be customized to fit a healthcare system’s particular use cases, so they go unused, resulting in wasted time and resources.

Benefits & Features

Raise ROI and stakeholder satisfaction

High-quality, validated data models speed your time to actionable insights and improvements in every domain area.

Scale your analytics resources

Source-taming algorithms pull your analysts up out of multi-source SQL rework to focus on high-level advanced business analytics.

Get insights in hours instead of weeks (or months)

Aggregate, map, group, and flag data into the right formats for fast consumption. You can build visualization applications or query the marts directly up to 90% faster than with lower-level data interactions.

Monitor and report with the most current data

DOS Marts load incrementally to serve up the latest data in a fraction of the time of full refreshes.

Govern your data with included tools

Automated interactive documentation with every DOS Mart shows bindings, dependencies, and dataflow. Profiling tools validate marts to ensure the highest quality data and valid insights.

Extend and customize

Add definitions and columns to meet your unique needs, while keeping the core mart upgradeable.