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Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery

Product Overview

The Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery application provides data to help improve the perioperative and post hospital management and care of patients requiring CABG surgery. IN-DEVELOPMENT

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Benefits Include:

  • Reduction in surgical complication rates for CABG patients.
  • Increased volume of patients discharged to home vs. acute or extended post‐discharge care after CABG surgery.
  • Reduction in readmission rates after CABG surgery.
  • Decreased cost per case and length of stay for CABG patients.

Data Sources

  • Clinical EMR

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery: A Deeper View

Success Measures

Opportunity Identification:

  • Identify opportunities to reduce variation in care delivery for CABG surgery patients in order to improve quality of care for these patients

Process Improvements:

  • Increase number of CABG patients extubated within 24 hours of surgical end time.
  • Increase total patient time spent within targeted glucose rate while reducing the number of hypoglycemic/hyperglycemic events.
  • Reduce utilization of blood products for CABG patients.
  • Reduce time to first out-of-bed activity for CABG patients.
  • Improve post-operative pain scores for CABG patients, while reducing narcotic use.
  • Increase the use of targeted interventions based on system-tailored risk stratification.
  • Increase compliance to perioperative and post-hospital medication and treatment regimens/interventions for CABG patients.

Outcomes Improvement:

  • Decrease mortality rate for CABG patients.
  • Decrease average length of stay for CABG patients.
  • Decrease average variable cost per case for CABG patients.
  • Increase rate of CABG patients discharged to home vs. acute or extended post-discharge care.
  • Decrease rates of surgical complication for CABG patients.