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Care Team Insights

Track performance and demonstrate your care management program’s ROI.

Healthcare leaders are accountable for designing, delivering, and measuring their care management programs. With Care Team Insights, a user-friendly dashboard application, care management leaders can easily and efficiently track their care management program’s performance and overcome the daunting challenge of demonstrating their program’s ROI.

Product Benefits

Improved visibility that allows for better decision making and ROI tracking.

Data-driven decisions

Makes it easy to track, measure, and report on your care management program’s performance with a user-friendly dashboard.

Improved visibility

Gives you constant visibility into the care planning activities for each patient (e.g., generates reports on the establishment of care plans and goals for each patient).

Increased ROI

Helps you demonstrate your care management program’s ROI and viability.

Product Features

Deliver user-friendly dashboard views to track and improve care.

Track ROI

Compares enrolled and non-enrolled individuals to enable the basic indication of your care management program’s ROI.

Enhanced Views

Enables views of enrollment, utilization, risk, and cost by care team, facility, and care program/family.

Data Integration

Integrates data from a variety of sources (EMR, claims, billing system, and care management system).

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