What Is Care Management Program Design?

Your care management program should work for the patients it serves, the providers who deliver its interventions, the administrators who track and communicate its impact, and for the organization that invests in it. Don’t let haphazard decisions during pre-implementation limit the success of care management efforts, with the poor start commonly attributable to unmet needs:

  • Guidance: Leaders need support for selecting and structuring programs that align with their care management philosophy and model and that demonstrably advances overall organizational strategies.
  • Experience: Lacking an experienced perspective, organizations struggle to anticipate and address the complexity of program implementation or redesign.
  • Support: From technology optimization to change management, organizations are often challenged to find the resources and expertise to manage the variety and volume of work involved in care management transformation.

The Health Catalyst Care Management Program Design service ensures that your care management elements—tools, staff, processes, and practices—are harmonized to meet your goals. Care teams can rely on clinical, operational, and financial expertise to devise and implement programs that optimally meet patient needs, align with goals for population health, and maximize resources and workflow efficiency.


Care Management Program Design Benefits and Components

The Program Design Service consists of discrete activities that can be selected to fit organizational needs and the status of care management implementation based on flexibility, expertise, partnership:

  • Program structure: Ensure a match between models, populations, goals, and resources.
  • Staffing: Identify roles; hire and train staff.
  • Case load balancing: Use machine learning to make the most of your resources.
  • Technology optimization and configuration: Set security; match workflows, configure to your preferred content and processes.
  • Change management: Patient and provider engagement.