What Is the Care Management Population Design?

Identifying patients for your care management programs is a critical component of care management design and implementation. Your organization may need to stratify patients in multiple ways based on areas of strategic importance such as payer requirements, your infrastructure and capacity needs, or your population health-related clinical goals.

The technology-enabled Care Management Population Design Service delivers expert guidance to help stratify patient lists efficiently, transparently, and optimally, allowing organizations to reach their most impactable patients and target their most important goals for care management.

Health Catalyst’s Care Management Population Design combines analytics and expertise in an approach tied to these the core pillars of successful care management:

  • Impactable populations aligned with goals. We design populations to match your population health priorities and care management resources.
  • Multiple factors. Rather than rely on utilization alone, our approach incorporates multiple factors to stratify patients.
  • Improvement over time. Stratification models can be minutely adjusted as we observe the impact of care management interventions and the fit to populations.

Care Management Population Design Benefits and Features

Deep expertise.

Our team includes machine learning and care management experts to help you define and refine populations specific to your goals.

Powerful tools.

Our population design team uses the Population Builder™: Stratification Module, which supplies predefined content built on integrated claims and EHR data, allows for custom models, and efficiently carve out impactable populations ready for intervention.

Focus on learning and ROE.

This partnership is dedicated to increasing your capability and maximizing your investment in data and analytics. We transparently share nuances of stratification and impactability modeling—and leave you better prepared for effective and efficient population management on your own.