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Care Coordination

Manage your care teams and coordinate your patients’ care more easily and effectively.

Effective care coordination is about more than collaboration and communication; it’s about orchestrating the myriad of tasks that go into delivering the best care to patients, from organizing routine patient care activities to notifying care team members of critical patient events. With Care Coordination, care managers can do all of this to provide patients with the best care.

Product Benefits

Empower care managers to deliver the best patient care.


Makes it easy for care teams to coordinate care for their patients (e.g., document care planning, schedule activities, balance care manager workloads, track patient progress on goals, etc.).

Patient Care

Helps your deliver the best patient care every time.

Transition of Care

Ensures the smooth transition of care across your care team.

Product Features

Streamline care across your whole care team.

Track Progress

Work with patients to identify focus areas and goals, and track progress to successful completion of those goals.

Schedule Activities

Schedule care team and patient activities consistent with your organization’s care program standard protocols.

Care Summary

Document patient interactions to summarize care and the amount of time spent with patients.

Patient Alerts

Receive alerts on significant events, such as ED visits or hospital admits and discharges.