Collective Analytics For Éxcellence (CAFE)

Product Overview

Collective Analytics For Éxcellence (CAFE) is an application built on a national de-identified repository of healthcare data from Health Catalyst customers’ EDWs and third party data sources that enables comparative effectiveness, research, and unique powerful machine learning algorithms; with a data feedback loop to participating client sites to affect change at the point of decision making.

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Benefits Include:

  • Comparative benchmark measures spanning deep and wide across the healthcare continuum (provides context to performance, helping to identify and quantify opportunities)
  • Unique workspace for researchers to glean intelligence from large cross-institutional dataset
  • More precise predictive models trained on large data sets and delivered at points of decision making

Data Sources

  • Any organization with a Health Catalyst EDW
  • Public data sources

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Collective Analytics For Éxcellence: A Deeper View

Success Measures

Opportunity Identification:

  • Identify potential areas of improvement and leverage learnings across clients to drive improvement within an organization

Process Improvements:

  • Drive changes at the point of decision making through suggestive analytics and predictive models delivered through a data feedback loop to participating clients