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Blood Utilization

Product Overview

Blood Utilization Dashboard provides clinicians an overview of blood utilization. The interactive application allows the user to review usage by applying filters related to specialty, transfusion type, APRDRGs, and hemoglobin level. Filtering on individual ordering providers helps identify variations in practice among providers within a specialty.

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Metrics Include:

  • Number of transfusions
  • Transfusion reason
  • Percentage blood transfused related to hemoglobin level
  • Total volume of transfusions by component
  • Average number of transfusions by specialty
  • Average number of transfusions by APRDRG
  • Number of transfusions by authorized provider

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Problem Statement

Blood utilization in the U.S. has risen steadily at a rate of 2-3% per year while the number of eligible donors has declined.  As hospitals work to balance this mismatch of supply and demand, blood utilization review is paramount. Part of the challenge is providing actionable information to providers, to support minimizing the use of blood components and promoting transfusions of the right component at the right time to the right patient.