ACO Quality Measures Overview

The Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) ACO quality measures accelerator shows you where you are and where you’re headed in relation to MSSP ACO metric targets—and gives you the knowledge to do something about it. The application allows you to drill into each measure to understand the factors impacting your ACO performance and identify areas for improvement at the clinic, provider, and patient level. The result? Actionable insight that drives a focus on improvement—and helps you succeed in shared savings.

Organizations implement this accelerator based on these needs:

  • Participants in the MSSP need to continually monitor and manage performance against program measures. Reviewing performance only at required reporting periods isn’t adequate to achieve meaningful improvements. MSSP ACO participants need ongoing access to data that reveals inefficiencies as they emerge, so they can be addressed proactively. Calculate estimated potential savings when participating in MSSP with the MSSP Calculator.
  • MSSP ACO performance data should be available at an appropriate level of detail to prioritize and monitor improvements. It’s difficult for teams to identify opportunities at a facility, clinician, and patient level in relation to MSSP measure compliance.

ACO Quality Measures Benefits and Features

Access an at-a-glance view of your current performance.

The application dashboard provides a summary-level view of MSSP measures, with key indicators directing your attention to underperforming areas. You’re able to assess and improve performance prior to reporting to CMS—a critical advantage given the dollars tied to an ACO’s performance against the CMS measures.

Gain insight for improvement.

The application allows you to analyze individual measures to determine what aspect of the patient interaction might be lacking, and gives visbility into both provider measure performance and individual patient details. You’re able to see which providers and clinics have the highest and lowest scores, identify patients who are out of compliance with your care standards, and see how many patient interventions are needed to move the ACO up to the next percentile. These analytic insights can be leveraged to guide system-wide management as well as individual improvement interventions, as when a provider uses the app to view patients’ compliance prior to patient visits and takes appropriate steps while the patient is in the office.