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Provider Productivity

Provider Productivity

The Provider Productivity application provides business and clinical leaders with insights into overall efficiency of the provider practice or network.  Users may view peer-to-peer comparisons of metrics and can compare data to benchmarks to highlight areas of opportunity.
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  • Provider Productivity provides a robust analytic front-end to organize, summarize, and provide actionable visualization of provider production. Visualizations highlight areas of variance and thus, opportunities for improvement.
  • Application is automatically refreshed as new data is available.
  • High-level financial and operational performance measures are combined in a predictable and consistent manner.
  • Guided navigation and drill down provides answers to the next series of questions typically asked by the user.
  • Embedded variance analysis highlights the major contributors to the variance.


Benefits Include:

  • Reduced time to compile provider production reports.
  • Standardized process for data sourcing and reporting drives consistent and reliable results.
  • Single source of truth for key provider productivity measures.
  • Guided navigation to quickly identify variances across time periods and against benchmarks.


Measures are intended to focus on two primary areas of opportunity: Acuity of the patients/members being seen versus a change in patient volume.

  • Patient Acuity (Mix) - measures include work RVU volumes and trends, E&M billing patterns, patient and visit volumes, and trends in total and per business day. Measures facilitate internal provider comparisons as well as comparisons to available benchmarks.
  • Patient Volume – Compare and contrast provider volumes within a specialty or across specialties and compare to available benchmarks.

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Data Sources

  • Provider Billing
  • Benchmarks

Provider Productivity - A Deeper View


Healthcare analysts often spend countless hours cobbling together a complete and trusted picture of provider performance.  Automating this process will not only speed up the time to deliver analysis but will reduce the risk of manual error.  This allows information to get into the hands of decision makers faster and in a trusted and predictable format.

What types of problems does Provider Productivity address?

With ongoing downward pressure on payments, new and changing regulatory requirements, and increasing focus on cost control, managing a medical practice or provider network is a growing challenge. Provider Productivity Explorer presents information to executive leaders and front-line managers providing timely insights into their operation so decisions can be made and implemented, and outcomes measured.  This provides a strong foundation for the tracking and measurement of improvement over time.


Analysts, clinical directors, practice managers, business managers.

Anticipated Improvements

Aggregated data comparing multiple measures across a common time frame reduces time needed to compile reports. Drill down capabilities within various tabs provide immediate insight and provide the opportunity for exploration and analysis with deeper detail. The data is automatically updated upon availability, making short term day to day metric management possible. This application links clinical, financial and operational data for key measures which improves accuracy and consistency across the enterprise. The diversity of metrics allows for easy identification of variation related drivers and opportunities for improvement.

Success Measures

Opportunity Identification:

  • Identify inconsistencies in E&M coding within services
  • Identify potential increases in revenue by addressing service utilization
  • Identify potential $ saved by addressing gaps in billable hours to avg. billing rates

Process Improvements:

  • 15% improvement in appropriate E&M coding
  • 10% improvement in utilization by provider type volumes