Population Health In Action

We are glad you took us up on popcorn and watching these two short videos. Please take your seat and turn off your cell phones. Let us remind you that recording of any kind is prohibited. Okay just kidding, but please enjoy the videos.

Now more than ever, US healthcare is in need of real solutions to healthcare. While often over hyped by the market, population health concepts when effectively put into practice are resulting in tangible results by early leaders who are integrating data from across their networks of care into robust data warehouses and using powerful analytics to identify improvement opportunities.

Dr. David Nash is a internationally recognized leader in population health. He is a trained internist and the Dean of the country’s first Master Degree in population health at Jefferson College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hear Dr. Nash in this executive video talk about the challenges that face healthcare today.

Behind every great vision for transforming healthcare is a story of discovery. Dr. Charles Macias, the Chief Clinical Integration Officer at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas tells his story about Jenny Jones and her mother who were the source of his discovery and career pivot to focus his heart and soul on quality improvement.

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