Payment Model Analyzer


Payment Model Analyzer allows health systems to analyze variation across payers and provides a powerful tool to help understand potential revenue impacts associated with changing payment models.

The application allows the definition of payment structure models that can be used to project future cost savings and negotiate payer contracts. For instance, to evaluate the cost-saving impact of a length-of-stay reduction, a provider may wish to evaluate the bottom-line impact of the cost savings today as well as a year from now when they expect that three major contracts will shift from 80% fee for service/20% capitated to 50% capitated/50% fee for service. Payment Model Analyzer allows the provider to create and save multiple payment model scenarios to be used in what-if analyses that can help prioritize improvement efforts based on total ROI as well as being valuable tools in payer negotiations.

Payment Model Analyzer helps you discover new ways to keep your practice or hospital financially healthy.


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