Our Partner Program

What is the Partner Program?

Combine data and expertise to achieve greater scale and optimal customer success

The Health Catalyst Partner Program is built to achieve true healthcare transformation, innovation, and partnership. It provides a model for an open, interoperable healthcare data and analytics ecosystem by working with data-driven healthcare companies to enhance each partner’s solution. With more profound data, in-depth expertise, and insightful analytics, we work together to create a more comprehensive solution that contributes to ultimate customer success. Join our growing community of like-minded, mission-driven, outcome-focused, digital health innovators.

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Our Partners

Carium’s telehealth platform bridges the gap between the traditional care setting and the patient’s everyday life. The platform is designed to get to know, support, and engage patients through surveys, secure messaging, video visits, journals—and through the patient’s own wearables and devices. This comprehensive approach gives provider organizations a real-time, holistic view of their patients’ health and priorities. Carium helps patients interpret the health impact of lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, and air quality in the context of more traditional clinical metrics.

“Carium is excited to partner with Health Catalyst to accelerate the adoption of patient engagement tech — extending care beyond the physical walls of the clinic. Together, our teams will support providers on their digital transformation by focusing on telehealth use cases such as chronic care management and remote patient monitoring to get started. Bringing together Health Catalyst’s rich data insights, with Carium’s patient engagement app, will ensure providers and patients have closed-loop access to personalized insights needed to thrive in a value-based ecosystem.”

– Scott Pradels, Chief Executive Officer, Carium

Kyle Salyers

“The Health Catalyst Partner Program is intended to build a community of digital health innovators who seek access to an open data platform for the purpose of improving outcomes, and to do so in collaborative, open, and mission oriented environment.”

– Kyle Salyers, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

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