Outcomes Improvement Services

Outcomes Improvement Services

Care Management and Patient Relationship

High-Risk, High-Cost Patient Identification

A small percentage of high-cost patients account for a disproportionate share of overall healthcare spending. Developing the tools and processes to successfully identify and manage these patients is foundational to strong performance in risk-based contracts like shared savings initiatives. Work with our improvement line experts to mine your claims and clinical data to surface those patients that are in the most critical need of intervention – either because they are high cost or at high risk—so you can proactively work with them to manage their care.

This service offering is under development.

Clinical — Quality & Process Improvement Training

Looking to improve your quality or process improvement function? Draw on Health Catalyst’s deep bench of expertise to augment your current program. We’ll begin our engagement with an assessment of current state to determine what expertise and processes exist today. From there, we will work with your team to choose and implement the most appropriate path forward based on your strategic needs and resources. Subsequent initiatives might include customized training, focused support during improvement application deployment, the establishment of a quality or PI department, enrollment in our Accelerated Practices program, or on-going efforts to implement clinical programs.

Operational – Supply Chain Management

Work with our experts to better manage the dynamics of purchasing, contract management, delivery/distribution processes, and inventory costs during Supply Chain Management engagements. Our team will work with you to leverage data from a variety of disparate systems, allowing you to take a holistic view of your organization’s supply chain and focus your efforts on impactful initiatives. We work with your organization’s leadership team to ensure that your supply chain management improvement efforts are aligned with overall organizational priorities, and focus on not only reducing cost but improving patient outcomes and decreasing harm.

This service offering is currently under development.

Operational – Labor Management

In a resource-constrained environment, improving labor management utilization is a critical strategy for reducing unnecessary costs. Our improvement line experts will leverage information from a variety of source systems including EMR, human resource, budget and time & attendance data, to provide an organization-wide analysis of this critical area and pinpoint the individual departments that require additional focus. A typical engagement focuses on improving performance on critical indicators such as worked hours per unit of service, overtime percent, contractual workforce percent, skill mix percent, and retention and turnover rates.

This service offering is currently under development.

Operational – Practice Management

Work with our experts to assess and improve your clinics’ business and operational performance. We leverage your data to inform improvement work in areas like scheduling, patient throughput, healthcare access, referral patterns, panel management and predictive analytics, with the overall goal of improving your bottom line, quality of care, and overall patient satisfaction.

This service offering is currently under development.

Operational – Leading Wisely

A Leading Wisely engagement will arm your leadership team with the information that they need at their fingertips to make sound strategic decisions. We’ll work closely with your team to understand your strategic priorities, and together we’ll develop the vital indicators from over 50 common metrics to monitor the health of your organization. Alerts will pinpoint where prompt action can be taken and workgroups can be leveraged to make improvements.

This service offering is currently under development.

Financial – Revenue Cycle

With cash flows declining, margins tightening, and bad debt increasing, it’s more important than ever to maintain a steady stream of income for your hospital. Work with our improvement line experts to identify opportunities to significantly improve your revenue cycle management. Leveraging our revenue cycle applications, our team will work with you to mine your data and identify the greatest opportunities for improvement. Subsequently, we’ll work with you to set up teams to tackle the largest priority areas, empowering your organization to drive meaningful improvements.

This service offering is under development.

Financial – Activity Based Costing

Activity-based costing enables detailed, patient-specific collection of cost data that will enable your organization to precisely understand cost of production, an essential competency for value-based payment models. To install our activity-based costing system our team will work with you to determine the key drivers of cost on a department by department basis with the goal of giving you the most accurate and useful picture possible to drive actionable decision-making.
This service offering is under development.

Content – Clinical Improvement Starter

Clinical improvement starter content is meant to jumpstart an organization’s outcomes improvement work around a specific care process. It synthesizes both “best science” from the medical literature and “best efforts” of quality initiatives to help health systems plan and achieve more improvement, more quickly. The knowledge starter set may include one or more of the following, depending on the topic:

Knowledge Brief: A summary of current evidence and trends in outcomes improvement.

Care Process Improvement Map: A visual map of the overall care process across the continuum of care, including key best practices, “storm clouds” indicating areas of greatest improvement opportunity, potential metrics and data visualizations, and knowledge assets that health systems may need to adopt or develop to support best practice.

Outcomes Improvement Packet: A distillation of technical, medical, and quality improvement knowledge related to the “storm clouds,” along with suggestions and examples to help health systems set aims and goals and begin to plan interventions for outcomes improvement.

Content – Custom Development/Editing

Interested in customized clinical improvement starter content, or need help creating your own clinical content and implementation tools? Do you have clinical guidelines, protocols, or order sets that you’d like a clinical expert to review and compare to current evidence? We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your initiatives and how we can support you in the creation of content that meets your needs.

Application Improvement Services

With the goal of helping organizations achieve rapid improvement, Health Catalyst supports health system teams throughout implementation of its applications. Health Catalyst’s experts on deployment will help you set up permanent teams to drive outcomes improvement work and mentor them through the process of answering the following critical questions:

  • Are we interpreting performance data correctly?
  • Have we identified key opportunities, based not only on data but a qualitative assessment of needs and our organization’s cultural readiness?
  • Have we scoped our goals and objectives effectively?
  • Are the right individuals at the table to drive change?
  • Have these individuals agreed on an improvement methodology to underpin this effort?
  • Have we identified appropriate outcomes measures?
  • Are we aware of best practice from the medical literature and/or the experience of other health systems working on similar initiatives?
  • Have we solicited input from front-line staff and other key stakeholders to provide a broader perspective and ensure buy-in?
  • Are we recognizing successes to ensure the organization sees the value of this work?
  • Have we set up processes to ensure that progress is maintained?

Perhaps most importantly Health Catalyst supports the health system’s ownership of outcomes improvement work. Culture, governance, and accountabilities must be aligned around the improvement work to drive on-going transformative change. Our improvement line experts typically work with an institution for four to six months, or through two or three improvement projects, to ensure that the organization’s team is equipped with the expertise needed to care this work forward.

Continued Data Architect Support

Do you require additional customization to your application after installation has been completed? Do your data architects require additional mentorship? Speak with your engagement lead to discuss how Health Catalyst’s data architects can support you once installation is complete.

Documentation and Training

Our improvement line experts provide basic application training as part of installation. Should your organization require additional training or customized documentation, we would be happy to work with you to create a solution that meets your organization’s specific needs. Speak with your engagement lead to learn more.

Agile Development Workshop

Are you familiar with the key principles of agile and waterfall development methodologies? Do you know where and how to apply them each most effectively?  While waterfall is a particularly helpful methodology for projects where we understand the prerequisites, key dependencies and desired end state, Agile lends itself to projects where the institution knows what the outcome should be, but the pathway there is unknown.

Join us for a half-day session on principles of agile development. We’ll walk through the process for building an advanced application, demonstrating how to put the iterative agile development to use to show quick wins and benefit from continuous feedback.

Staff Augmentation

Draw on Health Catalyst’s deep bench of clinical, operational, and technical expertise to augment your team. We’ll work with you to identify the individual best suited to your on-going initiatives, whether you are seeking a data architect or an individual to lead your quality department. Speak with your engagement lead to learn more.

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