Outcomes Improvement Readiness: Learn Where Your Organization Stands

From value-based payment models to consumer demand for value and transparency, pressure is increasing for healthcare organizations to focus on improving outcomes and sustaining those improvements over the long haul. Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations tend to focus on one-off project improvements without addressing all the factors necessary to ensure lasting, systemwide outcomes improvements. These organizations risk operating at even smaller margins and missing out on improving quality of care for all of their patients.

While improving outcomes is a complex process, knowing where to start within your organization makes all the difference. A new tool from Health Catalyst, the Organizational Improvement Readiness Assessment, will allow you to pinpoint gaps in your organization’s ability to make sustainable improvements and offer solutions before you even encounter the problem. The assessment is proactivity and preparation at its best—and it’s complementary.

How to See Your Outcomes Improvement Readiness

The readiness assessment is based on an integrated literature review of healthcare outcomes improvement research across three databases: CINAHL, MEDLINE®, and Web of Science™ and further refined by a team of organizational improvement experts including executives, clinicians, operational leaders, and data architects/analysts. This research identified core competencies every organization must have to produce sustained outcomes improvements. These competencies fall into five categories.

By answering 25 questions, you will get an in-depth review of your organization’s competencies in the five main categories:

  • Adaptive leadership and culture
  • Analytics
  • Best Practices
  • Adoption
  • Financial Alignment


Figure 1: Outcomes Improvement Requires Adaptive Leadership and a Data-Drive Culture, Financial Alignment, and a 3-Systems Approach of Best Practices, Analytics, and Adoption

What You Will Learn from the Readiness Assessment

You will receive a custom report similar to that shown in Figure Two once you complete the assessment. From this report you will be able to determine your assessment of your organization’s highest and lowest competencies, along with what an ideal organization looks like. You’ll also see recommendations for next steps based on what your organization needs to do right now to be effective in its outcomes improvements efforts.

Organizations have already had success using the assessment tool. Penny Wheeler, CEO at Allina Health, and her team completed an assessment. Ms. Wheeler was thrilled. Allina Health has a baseline, and they are using the assessment as a barometer to track their progress over time.

Get your free Organizational Improvement Readiness Assessment results and pave the way for your organization’s future in outcomes improvement.

ready assessment

Figure 2: Example Report Showing Results of Organizational Improvement Readiness Assessment

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