What Economic Recovery Looks like from the View of a Business Owner (Deseret News)

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By Matthew Brown and Art Raymond | May 6, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY — Since Utah’s economy began creeping back to life this month, the reasons to reopen or remain closed are as numerous as the business owners, and customers, making those decisions.

Officials who mapped out the state’s response to the pandemic anticipated the recovery phases would be uneven, as consumers and business owners make the ultimate call — not government.

“The government can say whatever it wants to say, but the government can’t come in and say, ‘You will open your restaurant on this day,’” Derek Miller, Salt Lake Chamber president and head of a task force steering Utah’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, told the Deseret News in mid-April. “That’s going to require innovation from the private sector, based on whatever rules or regulations are put into place.”

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