Three Ways To Have Kinder Workplaces, And Why It Matters (Forbes)

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If you haven’t had a bad boss, you’ve probably seen one on TV. The fearsome boss is a staple of American pop culture, from tyrannical media moguls and greedy masters of the finance universe.

Does the on-screen prevalence of bad bosses appeal to viewers by mirroring their own experiences? Sadly, the answer seems to be yes. In a Psychologist-Manager Journal survey, 75% of employees said that their boss was the most stressful aspect of their jobs.

The old nice-guys-finish-last ethos will take a while to fade. However, the bad boss paradigm may be changing. In the course of researching “Organizations for People,” a new book about humane workplaces that I co-wrote with Dr. Michael O’Malley, we interviewed employees and managers at 21 “kind” companies. It’s an eclectic group that includes Patagonia, a company whose kindness extends to paying the legal fees of employees arrested for civil disobedience, Quality Bicycle Products, and Insomniac Games… View Full Article

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