Spotlight on 5 Women Making Waves in Health IT (Healthcare Dive)

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[By Meg Bryant | May 12, 2016]

Health Data Management recently released its 2016 list of Most Powerful Women in Health IT. The list includes 75 honorees spread across three categories: thought leaders, provider/payer executives and chief information officer/IT leaders.  Healthcare Dive shines the spotlight on five of them.

Holly Rimmasch, chief clinical officer, Health Catalyst in Salt Lake City

Rimmasch thanks nursing and her time spent working as a case manager for sparking her interest in healthcare IT. Working with patients, she would see the same gaps in healthcare over and over as she helped them navigate the healthcare system. “I started to recognize that data and information systems were really important tools to understand the patterns and how to improve care,” she says.

“Being able to predict how patients will react to different interventions and to understand risk as a care manager, how we could prevent readmissions by understanding how to target individuals, it really informed me tremendously about the importance of healthcare technology, ” Rimmasch adds.

In her current role, Rimmasch’s main job is working to improve patient care by ensuring that Health Catalyst’s products and services are developed in a way that allows hospitals and health systems to maximize use of the data they own across numerous disparate systems.

Two areas she’s devoted a lot of time and effort to are heart failure and sepsis, building and measuring best practices and understanding how to predict which patients to target for interventions. Both efforts have paid off for clients and their patients, Rimmasch says. The heart failure initiative has reduced unnecessary readmissions, increased patient satisfaction and improved quality of life for those patients. And there has been an “immense improvement” in sepsis control, with both lives and dollars saved…   View Full Article

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