Recognizing Trudy Sullivan Stoudamire for Inclusion Lab’s Inclusive Leadership Award

August 23, 2022
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Congratulations to Trudy Sullivan Stoudamire, Health Catalyst’s Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, for her recognition as one of the Inclusion Lab’s Top Inclusive Leaders. The Inclusion Lab’s mission is to “equip leaders with the diversity and inclusion skills necessary to manage a diverse organization that promotes the success of all stakeholders. The program blends best practices on leadership and diversity to find the intersection of the two that cultivates the best work environment for collaborators, and ultimately an organization, to thrive.”

Trudy has embodied this mission as she assiduously works to integrate leadership and diversity into forming a well-rounded workplace that works to serve and value others’ backgrounds, diverse ideas, and contributions to the company. Trudy embodies a passionate spirit of inclusivity through meeting and exceeding each of these goals as part of her daily work:

  • Have an extraordinary background in building and leading inclusive teams.
  • Understand the impact of inclusive leadership.
  • Possess the necessary competencies for building effective collaboration and fostering psychological safety in their teams.
  • Demonstrate fairness, empathy, and integrity through inclusive leadership practices that embrace the differences of team members while boosting innovation and impacting bottom-line success.
  • Empower those around them by promoting achievement and continuous advancement for his/her organization.

Simon Sinek said, “Great leaders are great servants. They have a genuine concern for the people they lead and they’re always looking for ways to make their people better.” Thank you, Trudy, for putting those above yourself and constantly looking for ways in which inclusivity and innovation can be met on a daily basis. Health Catalyst is extremely grateful for your extraordinary leadership.

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